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“The coconut shell is usually seen as more charcoal material, we see it as a treasure box.”

TAG Meets Inspiring Artisans!

We came across these moving persons with deep dedication in their work, who at the same time are very creative. These are Bernadette and Michael Wolf.

They use coconut shells as their canvas. This is where they derived their name “NutArt”. They said that the concept of NutArt began while discussing on making charcoal out of the empty coconut shells which were leftovers from the copra making.
DSC01516-001Fullscreen capture 4102016 73036 PM.bmpMichael mulled over on the coconut shell’s resilience until he thought of painting on them. They instantaneously made the first batch of polished coconut shells and painted on them. Then with the help of their friends, they have started penetrating the market.

To date, the couple has made a variety of creatively done items out of the shell for nearly 11 years.


“We do enjoy doing NutArt and because of the many coconut shells we have handled (and are handling), we have a deep respect and awe for Mother Nature’s way of designing her many, many creations.

We hope you get to see what we (in our humble way) have co-created with her! And if you feel you’d love to have one—then, they can be yours too! Thank you very much.

God Bless Us All!” – Michael & Bernadette Wolf

Visit NutArt at to view more of their creations. :)

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